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Last update: 2006-01-07



The automated basic acceptance tests (ABAT) is expected to be run against each release of the Linux/ACPI implementation to ensure that basic functionality is present.

The goal is to gather results from running the ABAT against as many Linux OSDs and hardware types as possible. If you'd like to help, feel free to download the latest tarball and mail your results as well as hardware vendor and model, version of driver tested against, and OS/version used to Ling Yu.

Results of running ABAT against the ACPI driver are shown here page.

Function Test

The goal is to provide the test suite for the Linux/ACPI implementation to open source users to validate the ACPI function on their systems. This part of test suite might be manual, semi-automatic or automatic.

Test Framework

ACPI Test Framework document defines a simple, flexible, standardized and easy to conformed guide to integrate the test cases to ACPI test framework and also defines requirements for test development to ensure easy setup and run tests and analyze their results.


Please download the latest test cases here.